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Fluff - A Mining and Cloud Castle Building Experience

Fluff is a work in progress.
The project is about making a game from the fairly new mining/building genre that Minecraft helped sensationalize, and Terraria helped expand.
Fluff is initially intended to be a free game (with in-app purchase functionality, mostly for vanity and pace changing options), for iOS (and others later).
The basic premise is that the player creates a character that has control over a cloud kingdom, where they can build their persistent structure.  Over time, they can increase how much cloud 'support' they have, and build bigger and more impressive structures.
Construction and potentially upkeep, will require that the player travel to a portion of solid land, where they can mine building materials (and defend their 'base', fight some creatures, etc).
Progression through the game will involve access to better (and better looking) materials and constructed equipment, and of course, some gear (tools, weapons, armor, etc).
Screenshots will be posted when the programmer art is minimalized (see Home page announcement looking for artful assistance).

I 'minimalized' it by adding some edge tracing, which I think made it look presentable enough to at least show the following.  The first is just after launch.  The second is with a few tiles removed, and showing the inventory (first row with white background) and build (second row with white background - currently showing bricks from basic materials) portions (currently not sized to look good on iPad - hence the huge white bars).  The third is after digging a bit, and the fourth is after having some fun building blocks.

Adding an updated screenie (Jan 29)... Though I may be getting some professional (fiverr) art soon, so we'll see how long this pic lasts (keeping the old pics up for now too) ; )  Changed the controls to use 'sticks' (left is movement, right is aim - projectiles FTW).  The sword icon is a temp button, so pretend it's not there : )  The blue mobs on screen, from left to right are, Blue Orb, Blue Slime, Blue Slime Pool (that spawns slimes), and Blue Spore.  The game is nearing functional completion, and then I need polish, and content (mobs, things to build/place, etc...).

Adding a few new screenies (Mar 25)...  The first is the Character/Travel window... Basically, four mages are available for unlocking (first comes unlocked... credits enough to unlock the second are supplied), and each mage can also be sent on gathering missions (stuff to do while you're not actively playing, or just to collect some extra materials).  The second is a Small World, which includes a look at the trees, dirt, clay, a green slime, a poison cloud, the door (used for Character selection and Travelling), and the entrance to a dungeon.  The third is inside one of the player created dungeons (that will be hosted on a site that the app has access to, so people can download new maps, rate them, etc).  The blue guys up top include a Slime and a Spore.